In early 2016 I decided to embark on my
Making People Happy Mission

…by doing something good for their health & wellbeing. Being an absolute coconut water fan convinced of its beneficial properties and after having tasted pretty much every coconut water that was out there – I started my journey with one goal; finding the best coconut water on the planet – not just in terms of taste and smell but also in terms of authenticity, quality and ethical production.

My journey took my from Brazil through Columbia, Mexico and Ecuador to Argentina. Beautiful countries, lovely vibes, great Coconut Water … but I wasn’t going to go for the first best but the very best. And as some of my criteria weren’t quite fulfilled I decided to cross the Atlantic and travel through Asia.

From India to Malaysia and East Timor – and from Thailand to Cambodia

From India – famous for their variety of coconuts – to Malaysia and East Timor – where the Coconut Water was absolutely delicious and from Thailand to Cambodia – I was almost running out of hope. Either the sugar was too high or the production volume was too inconsistent or the political and economic situation was unstable.

My last destination? Vietnam. For some reason I had kept this one for the end. I guess I knew that once I would find the coconut water I dreamed of I would end my journey. And there it was – at the end of my journey – coconut wonderland!

I had found it – the best coconut water in the world – in the Ben Tre Province of Vietnam.

A breathtaking scenery, vast gardens of green coconut trees, situated in the Cuu Long River Delta. The coconut water was absolutely delicious. No wonder Ben Tre Province is considered the “capital” of coconuts in Vietnam. With its favorable soil conditions for the growth of coconut trees, the trees don’t just bear a lot of fruit but a lot of yummy fruit. For the local people, coconut trees have a special place in their cultural life as well as the economic development process. For me? I had found my coconut water wonderland.

Satisfied… I boarded the flight back home. All I could think of was getting back and sharing this feeling with everyone I knew.

Back in Switzerland I didn’t want to waste any time. I created the brand and a simple label basically overnight. A few months later – which felt like eternity – CocoSana finally arrived in the port of Genova and so did I.

I remember the moment when we opened the box together with my new girlfriend (Maria)

…who happened to be a coconut water addict & couldn’t wait for that moment either.

Of course I was nervous – was it going to be as good as it was when I first tried it in Vietnam? Would she like it? Would anyone like it?

As these thoughts flashed through my mind she had already opened a bottle like a kid opening a candy box and she was beaming! “this is magical!” she exclaimed. I opened a bottle, and the smell and taste travelled me back to wonderland.

A couple of weeks and some boxes of CocoSana later Maria joined the team.
A dynamic young team in place dedicated to keep our promise of delivering the best coconut water in the world – took CocoSana to a whole new level …

What we kept – the delicious flavor. What we changed? Pretty much everything else!

From the bottle, to the label, to improved quality and official organic certification, to an additional taste!

While Maria worked on the new bottle, label, flavor and quality control travelling back and forth to Vietnam checking every single bottle in the production facilities (no joke – 12 hours of non-stop work in the factory in Vietnam) Torge and I worked on our distribution channel making sure that once the perfect product hits Europe, it reaches you!


Fabian – Founder & Co-Owner of CocoSana GmbH