Maria Sourlas

I was born into an amazing family in Athens where we lived until I was 7. This is where I learned all the good stuff – French, Piano and Ballet. We then moved to a small town with many cows and people I did not understand. Not even English helped the situation. Well, at least there was cheese and chocolate so that made up for it for a while.

At 21 I was ready to discover America. A few years and some studies later I was back in Athens, then back to Switzerland and then guess? Wrong! I didn’t quite make it back to New England but I did make it to England.

Now what does that have to do with Coconut water? Well, sometimes it takes a whole lot of travel and time to find the best and sometimes it just falls into your hands.

And when it does – Go for it! I did. You should too!

13+ years experience in management consulting, project management and client relationship management.

Fabian Liechti

Born and raised in Basel I soon started to escape. Not that I didn’t love what the world city of art had to offer, but there was just so much more world to discover! My first trips took me to Hong Kong and New York – dynamic, vibrant cities that inspire me until this day.

My next adventures were two one-year stops – Paris and Auckland before heading back home. I started an apprenticeship in a small boutique private bank. It was an amazing time. Enriching in many ways. I discovered how you can make people happy by growing their wealth. I followed this path through a number of banks and trading firms and it was a good time, no doubt.

But there was a better way – a way to make more people happy! HEALTH! And that’s where the story of CocoSana begins.

Wanna find out more? Check out “Our Story”!

10+ years experience in banking, trading and sales and customer relationship management.